Dolphicam2 – The future of NDT

Dolphitech is merging the most advanced ultrasound cameras with ultimate flexibility.

Creating NDT-solutions with interchangeable transducers for different materials and applications, as well as multimaterial joints.

All in one unit. Dolphicam2.

The Dolphicam2 Challenge – Put us to the test

In time, the Dolphicam2 is capable of detecting defects and flaws in a series of different materials. We urge you to challenge us. Do you have a structural component in metal, composites or glass / rubber that needs inspection? Send it to us, and we will uncover the flaws and provide you with the results!

  • Any kind of material

The most detailed and yet easily understandable output data in the NDT market:

Unlike traditional phased array ultrasound, we have developed a unique 2D matrix transducer design that deliver extremely high resolution images, making it possible for even non-experts to perform NDT inspections.

Extreme resolution: Extreme resolution: Transducer density 10.332 per square inch! (16 element per square mm)

Extreme Flexibility: Unique technology opening up for transducers in any shape, any size.

“The new system will speed up NDT procedures in manufacturing and maintenance and help the users to save time and money.”

Martin Bach, NDT Specialist – Airbus Group Innovations

“…DolphiCam CF08 and DolphiCam CF16, respectively, provided very detailed imagery and depth measurements of all types of simulated damages.”

FFI – Norwegian Defence Research Establishment – Research report 2015

Dolphitech – trusted by:

  • Boeing
  • Airbus
  • Cessna – Textron Aviation
  • United Airlines
  • Audi
  • VW
  • Lamborghini